June 26, 2013

British Icons

More fun was had, this time with helicopters and fixed wing aircraft, down at Goodwood Airfield where we once again filmed for Land Rover – a short film for their “British Icons” campaign.

The aim was to pit two great British icons against each other and for the Range Rover Sport to race against the Spitfire. We were lucky enough to work with Boultbee Aviation’s Supermarine Spitfire. As the Spitfire is so precious, safety in the air whilst filming was paramount. We were also limited as to how long we were able to have it airborne for this mission. Planning needed to be impeccable to ensure that everyone was happy with what was happening throughout the flights and that we achieved the maximum coverage within a very small filming window.

After a comprehensive mission briefing, we got airborne and got some stunning shots from both the air and the ground. The final result looked fantastic and was very well received by everyone. Take a look and find out for yourself which British icon won the race…

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