July 24, 2013

Food Map of Britain with James Martin

Next, we spent a very enjoyable week filming the aerial sequences for BBC2’s series: James Martin’s Food Map of Britain from Tenthirteen’s fixed wing aircraft which has been modified to take a Cineflex camera system.

We flew around the UK with James, an avid aviator, in the co-pilot’s seat chatting about the UK’s delicious regional culinary delights. Needless to say, we learned a lot about food production, farming and ingredients from James and we sampled a fair amount of his fabulous recipes during the course of the week. We feel they are most definitely worth trying at home – so click on this link to try some of them out for yourself…


The fixed wing system of aerial filming is both flexible and cost effective as it enables us to cover long distances quickly, to stay airborne for up to 5 hours at a time and, as it is a twin-engine aircraft, we are able to fly over water without restrictions. Most importantly, in terms of budget it is approximately one third of the cost of a helicopter. We designed and pioneered the system to great effect for a programme called “Bomber Boys” with Ewan McGregor and his brother flying in a DC-3 and Lancaster Bomber with the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight and also on the BBC NHU’s series “Africa” where we flew from the UK to Morocco and Tunisia to film for the “Sahara” episode.

We loved working with James and the BBC 2 team and would be first in line if – as he mentions in the making of video clip below, he fulfills his ambition to take the Food Map global. Check out the “making of “…link below to get a flavour (sorry) of this fabulous series: