April 14, 2014

National Museum of Qatar with Ron Fricke

We’re pleased to say however that (from a work pov!) the hiatus was fairly short-lived as pre-production was ramping up on our next project, which was to be the biggest of the lot.

We would be shooting in Qatar, with world-renowned Director Ron Fricke who shot and directed films including Baraka, Samsara and Powaqqatsi. The project was a 6K shoot for an installation at the new National Museum of Qatar that will be projected onto a 12 metre high by 20 metre wide screen. Quality and stability were the main objectives for the shots, as any small vibration when projected to that size would be very visible and would make anyone watching it feel rather odd indeed!

The latest in camera system technology was employed to great effect. We used the new incarnation of the RED camera, the Dragon in conjunction with the Shotover K1 6 axsys aerial camera platform. As the system is so large, we were limited in our choice of helicopter so, once again, we had to position a helicopter into Doha from Dubai. We rigged the system in Dubai and flew it over to Doha in preparation for the shoot. Once there, the RED Dragon was installed, system tuned and tested and we were ready to film. We needed to cover fairly large distances and optimise our time on location at the best possible time for light, so needed on-site refueling locations around the country – something that has never been done before in Qatar. With Tenthirteen and the planning team from Gulf Helicopters of Qatar working closely together a solution was negotiated with the Qatar Civil Aviation Authority, which enabled us to achieve the stunning imagery Ron was looking for at the optimum time of day. This is the first 6K aerial shoot in Qatar and one of the very few in the region and it was 6 months in the making. Tenthirteen would like to thank everyone involved for their tireless help and persistence in getting the job done and achieving the highest possible production values for such a challenging project.

For a virtual tour of the stunning museum itself (designed by Priztker award-winning architect Jean Nouvel ) click on the link below;

YouTube link