June 15, 2013

“ Up at the O2 ” Commercial

Back to the realm of advertising which took us to London for an amazing, single shot challenge.

The brief for the “Up at the O2” commercial was a straight lookdown in a tight close-up of a man walking “somewhere” followed by a slow zoom out to a wide of the entire O2 Arena and Isle of Dogs. The really tricky bit was that it all had to be exactly one minute long and filmed as a single and continuous shot.

An added challenge with this project was that when we fly in this particular part of London, we are within the control zone of City Airport and given the high volume of air traffic, we were only allocated a maximum of 3 minutes to get in, line, up and do one take. No pressure there then!

What followed was a two-hour session in the morning and another in the evening, which ensured that we achieved the whole commercial in one day with one camera, a pilot and an Aerial Cameraman. Probably the most cost-effective one minute commercial ever shot. But it did make us sweat….

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